Overview of application

ZANGBooks is an online accounting application that was developed on the latest cloud computing technologies. Built by accountants to be used by non-accountants. We sincerely feel that this is the easiest to use accounting application in the market right now. No accounting jargons to learn and no difficult technology to master. ZANGBooks accounting application is the most powerful, user friendly and affordable accounting solution today.

Why use ZANGBooks
  • Simplify your company's accounting workflow.
  • Easily create professional looking quotations, invoices and purchase orders and send them out electronically from the system itself.
  • Get real-time financial information. Keep score of your business.
  • Easy to use. No accounting and IT jargons to learn.
  • Manage your receivables and payables without hassle.
  • No software to install. No licenses to purchase.
  • Financial data collaboration without the expensive set up.
  • Automatically backup your important data
  • Saves your business time and money
  • Simple single entry for all your day to day transactions but with a powerful backend double entry-general leadger and accrual accounting system.
What features does it have
  • Dashboard view of your entire business financial health.
  • Account receivables
  • Account payables
  • Invoicing, quotations and purchase orders
  • Contacts and items management
  • Journal entry
  • Fixed assets register
  • Auto and manual bank reconcilation
  • Bank, cash and owner's account management
  • Genereal ledger, balance sheet, trial balance, profit and loss and many other management reports
How it works

Sign up for a free trial. After trying, subscribe to the software service. Thats it, you are good to go. There are no software to install, no confusing user licenses to purchase and no updates to patch. All you need is an internet connection and a browser on your computer or smartphone. ZANGBooks runs entirely on the cloud and all software updates are done automatically. We want you to use ZANGBooks and go out there to do your business.

Who's it for
  • Small and Medium Businesses.
  • New start-ups.
  • Companies who want to replace their aging desktop accounting system with a revolutionary new product.
  • Companies looking for an easy to use accounting system.
  • Businessmen and women that spend most of their time on the field.
  • CPA and Bookkeepers who want to expand their practices.
  • Businesses that need to have powerful collaboration tools between their people and branches.
  • Freelancers and companies that are under-staffed.
  • People who are tired of dreadful system failures, virus attacks and messy backups on their accounting workstations or servers.



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